Week 11


LOTF Infographic Maze Runner Infographic

Both of the info graphics I created are very simple.  I read the scenarios and just brainstormed a couple of ideas where I thought differentiation could take place.

I am focusing on the diffitool for teachers during this experience.  I worked on this with Nicole and Scott during the last experience.  We just need to make sure that teachers know about the tool and that it is not being duplicated.

Dashner, James. The Maze Runner. New York: Delacorte, 2009. Print.

Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: Coward-McCann, 1962. Print.

“Login | Piktochart.” Login | Piktochart. Web. 3 Apr. 2015. <https://magic.piktochart.com/&gt;.


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  1. I think having that opportunity for teachers for help is great. Hopefully more teachers will take advantage it this time. Even still, being available to help at least one or two teachers will be beneficial for them.

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