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Week 10 Reflection


I have learned a lot about what everyone has been doing in Givercraft this week.  I was so focus on the Live minutes site that I did not have time to look at what everyone else was doing.  It it pretty amazing how involved so many people have been in working within the world.  I would like to try to get into the world more during Survivorcraft.

After reading and commenting on blogs this week, it sounds like something that we all need to do is consolidate.  This is something that we talked about during the Twitter session too.  All of the resources need to be in one spot, also the training need to inform the teachers about the resources that are available for teachers and students.


Week 10 Blog: What was the impact of my diffi-tool on Givercraft students and teachers; what should I change for Survivorcraft to ensure my intervention is effective?


The tool that I worked on with Scott and Nicole was the Live Minutes site. We had a chat room open in the evenings and resources imbedded in the Live Minutes. Once we get the survey back, we are hoping to find out if teachers used the resources. We knew that one teacher chatted with us in the Live Minutes Chat room.

In order for this tool to be more effective the next time some revisions will need to be made and the site will need to be promoted more. We need to have all of the resources consolidated into one site so things are not so spread out. The evening helpdesk might have been used more if teachers knew more about it.

Our tool was for teacher education and support during the project. As stated in Timperley’s article this site was to help teachers to “deepen their professional knowledge.” We are not sure how much teachers used the site but that was the hope behind the site. As part of the project we are collecting data through surveys. Data collection is part of the education culture today, it is our responsibility to use data to inform our practice (Using Data: Transforming Potential into Practice, 2014).   “New technologies can capture, organize, and analyze vast quantities of data” (Expanding Evidence Approaches for Learning in a Digital World, 2013). We are collecting data through surveys and the survey is being put together in a Google document to include everyone’s questions for the project.

The hope for Survivorcraft is that more teachers will be asking questions in the chat and using the resources there. It was a great idea for everything to be consolidated into one spot so resources are not so spread out.


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Week 7 Reflection


This week was a learning experience for me.  I got to hear about what other classmates are doing to contribute to Givercraft.  There are many classmates who have great ideas about surveys and support for teachers.  I worked with Nicole and Scott to come up with a teacher support area.  Others commented on my blog about the Liveminutes teacher support area and had some good ideas about it.  I am learning as we go and I am hoping to contribute as much as I can to the experience.