Week 6 Reflection


This week was a difficult blog for me because of my lack of skills in Minecraft. I was able to read and comment on other blogs this week and contribute in others ways. I was able to talk about difficult students and having difficulty with Minecraft in general. One blog that I commented on was where we were able to discuss difficult students. There are many ways to differentiate and one of the ways that was talked about was grouping students and independent work. There are some students that just cannot handle doing group work and we discussed whether to let them continue in group work or pull them out of the groups. My belief is that I continue to give them opportunities to work in groups and then take them out of the groups after warnings during misbehavior. Group work skills are skills that all students need the opportunity to learn. I was able to discuss alternative routes for students who may not be as “in to Minecraft” as others. Tristan and I discussed having projects such as paragraph writing about the game for students who may not be able to complete the task within the game. We also discussed giving badges for these other tasks. After reading and discussing this week, I am feeling a little better about the project. I know that there are others who are in the same boat as me.


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