Week 6 Blog


Personally, I do not feel that I can contribute much to the Minecraft experience. We met as a group on Tuesday to discuss some ideas. There were some great ideas for the experience including the following: help center, badges, and having a leaderboard, just to name a few.

I met again with Scott and Nicole to discuss a collaborative space. We decided that Live Minutes would be a great collaborative tool to talk to teachers and share resources. We were able to get into it to see how it might work for the project.

The gamer types are interesting to look at and to think about how they will impact students in the game.   Achievers will want to get into the game and complete the task quickly and efficiently. Killers will find ways to be the best and to be the winner of challenges. Socialites will work more collaboratively and be using the chat feature to talk with other players. Finally, the explorers will be spending more time in the game to discover and learn more than just how to complete the task. I would say that giving student longer amounts of time to work might help to meet the needs of all the different types of gamers.

I still have a lot to learn about Minecraft and the experience for students. I am just working to learn and figure out ways that I can contribute.


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  1. I am creating badges and find that this does not allow me to get into the game and contribute within Minecraft as well. I think that we are working on multiple different things and your contribution is just as important as those who are in the game. Don’t feel bad that you aren’t in the game contributing, it takes all the pieces to create the puzzle. We are working to help the entire project. I agree with giving the students more time. I also feel that they should be able to explore when they are at home. Teachers can always make it so that they can only go to certain areas. I wonder if there is a way for teachers to get a notice when a student is on, that would be a wonderful feature. I also feel like I need to read the book (I picked it up today and have started). That’s the acheiver characteristic coming out!

  2. I feel the same way about not having much to contribute to the Minecraft experience. Seriously all I can do is dig and that’s all I do when we meet on Tuesday nights. I tried to look up how to do different things on google and the steps of how to do things confuse me. When the task of differentiating came up with the internship, I thought this meant that I had to know the game and be in the game using differentiation. Then when we met as a group on Tuesday night, I got to thinking that we were talking a lot about differentiating for kids who love the game so they don’t get bored, but what about people like me and you who don’t get Minecraft and probably would need motivation to even do the scenarios. Scenario 3 has the students writing a summary of something (I can’t remember and I’m not home with my notes), but I thought of making a badge for students who can write their summary of a certain length with no grammatical/spelling errors. At first I was like ok 250 students, or whatever exact number it is, would take forever, but then I realized I’m not grading these, it would be reading them and once I got to the first error I would go to the next. I know for me as a student playing the game would be no fun at all because I don’t get it, but if I could get badges for other things like writing my summary I wouldn’t feel like a total failure like I didn’t get anything and everyone else did. I think the people in our class realize that there are some of us who just haven’t had much experience with Minecraft and don’t get it and have no problem coming alongside us and helping us figure things out when we have questions.

    • Thank you Tristan, this makes me feel a lot better that I am not the only one struggling with this. I think it is a great idea to have extra projects for students who may feel the same way as us.

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