Week 5 Reflection


This week I have learned a lot from classmates and I was able to share some ideas. A couple of students commented on my blog and enjoyed the resources. I was able to share some of the gaming that I am using form math in my classroom. Others shared games that they are using across subjects. I also read blogs about ideas for projects that other students had.

I shared IXL math and splash math in my blog. I had a couple of students comment on it and enjoy the resources, especially splash math. Amanda shared Planet Turtle with me, which is similar to Splash Math. I enjoyed looking at Planet Turtle because it also incorporates challenges and communication between students much like MInecraft does.

One interesting project that Cindy had was to have her students create traditional longhouses within Minecraft. I really liked her idea of making a traditional project more modern and engaging for students. She also talked about bringing elders in to work alongside the students. I really like the idea as long as the elders understood the project and were accepting of it.

Most of us agreed in our blogs that games are very interesting and self-motivating for students. Students are able to work at their own pace within the games which is a huge part of differentiation.


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