Week 3 Reflection


This week made me put a lot of thought into the way my classroom is organized and how I can provide more opportunities for letting learning happen. One of the main things from the readings and blogs this week that I took away was how I am grouping my students and having them interact with each other. Another theme that came out in blogs this week is how to help those lowest learners in your classrooms.

I read and responded to classmates’ blogs this week discussing the importance of having students interact with each other. This year, I have a very difficult class, who really like to talk so I have tried to isolate them from each other. Now I am planning to re-arrange my classroom to provide more partners and group interactions. Andrea teaches online and she provides opportunities for her students to work together to make sense of the material. It made me think about how we learn and that we learn most from teaching. Grouping students allows them to teach each other and deepen their understanding.

I discussed how to differentiate to help your lowest learners while still challenging my highest learners. The new higher math standards provide challenges for providing interventions for my lower learners. I was able to discuss this with another classmate that teaches math. We have agreed that providing interventions is challenging but rewarding.

This week really made me think about and re-evaluate the organization of my class and the learning opportunities that I am providing for my students.


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