#diffimooc Week 2 Reflection


Minecraft was the theme this week, and it is something that I don’t know a whole lot about. I learned from other blogs this week. I was able to explore a comic strip and find some great resources that the same classmate posted. I enjoyed seeing the information in a comic strip format. Comic strips can be a great way to engage students with new information and for them to demonstrate their understanding of information.

I learned that a lot of classmates know about as much as me about Minecraft, which is very little. After finding this out, we were able to discuss how we can use students in our classrooms to teach us and other classmates. It is often difficult for educators to step out of the teacher role but it allows our students to deepen their understanding by explaining and it makes them feel valuable when they are able to share their knowledge.

I was able to share some information in my blog with classmates. One part of differentiation that I mentioned was the creative side of Minecraft. I was able to share this with others who may not have thought about creativity being differentiation. Minecraft is allowing students to create at their own pace and level and for them to be the decision makers. Some very interesting and informative conversations happened for me this week.


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