#diffimooc Week 1 Reflection


I commented on classmates’ blogs this week and learned from their blogs but I was able to share some information with them. This week has really gotten me thinking about differentiating in my own classroom. I have started trying to wrap my head around what differentiation in my classroom would look like after this week. Reading articles and other blogs has given me some good information to get started with differentiation in my class.

One of the websites that I learned about was called Reading Rockets where you can differentiate your reading in your classroom. It has many different literacy resources. You can find resources for vocabulary, spelling, phonics, fluency, and much more.   One of the most useful things that I found were the lists of apps you can get. I have Ipads in my classroom and I am always looking for ways to utilize them.

Posting and reading various blogs has made me reflect on how my classroom is organized and how activities are run. One of the blogs I read really got me thinking about how I can use flexible grouping in my math groups. Another got me thinking about how I can hand over more responsibility and ownership to my students for their learning.

Classmates commented on my blog and shared some valuable information. I learned about Socrative from one classmate, and I am very interested in checking this program out. I was also able to interact with classmates about how technology engages students more. Also, some of the comments on my blog made me think that I just need to trust my students more with the technology and give them some freedom to explore.


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