Week 11 Reflection #seaccr


I found it difficult to contribute to others’ learning on their blogs this week. I read a few blogs and commented on them but I felt that I could not contribute to anyone’s learning on their blogs due to the nature of the question this week. The contribution I did make was just the social interaction through blogs.

I shared my results on my blog and I hope others will take some information they can use from my blog. I shared that CHAMPS was working in my class. I encouraged others to look into CHAMPS to use in their own classrooms. It is something that can be used across many grade levels. I did enjoy reading about other projects and results this week and responding to their blogs.


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  1. Thank you for your research on CHAMPS! I just made my posters and started implementing it this past week, but I need to remember to keep changing out the posters when we change activities. One thing i need to work on is a set of consequences to enforce when the students are not performing as they should be.

    I am so happy to hear that it works for others and I hope that my own adoption of it will be as successful!

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