#seaccr Data Analysis and Interpretation


My quantitative data tells me that the number of disruptions has be greatly reduced since the introduction of CHAMPS. My qualitative data tells me that my students know the expectations during various activities. I have also observed my students reduce their disruptive behavior and my aides have noticed a difference in students’ disruptive behavior.

The quantitative data shows that all types of disruptions in the classroom were reduced. Students 1 and 2 reduced their disruptions by more than half. Students 3 reduced their disruptions but not as significantly as the other two students. The disruptions that were reduced include: talking out of turn, getting up and moving around, and talking to their neighbor.

The qualitative data came from observations by aides, student interviews, and me. The student interviews indicated that all 3 students understand what the CHAMPS expectations are during writing. My observations during all subjects indicated that I have noticed that the students have reduced their disruptions and reminders of expectations were helpful to the students. The aide observations indicated that the students have greatly reduced their disruptions in both math and reading.

Overall, CHAMPS has helped to reduce disruptions and provide expectations for the students in my 2nd grade classroom. I plan to continue to implement CHAMPS in my classroom in hopes that students will continue to understand what is expected during all subjects.


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  1. I really appreciate how your data shows an increase in more positive behaviors as a result of using champs with consistency. One thing that I have gotten affirmation about with this research class is that observations are the more helpful keys to adapting and refining the learning environment.

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