#seaccr Week 11 Blog


How will I apply what I learned from my data to teaching and learning in my classroom? How can others apply what I learned to their classrooms?

My data has taught me that using CHAMPS has greatly reduced the amount of disruptions in my class and now I have a reference point when students are not following the expectations. Before implementing CHAMPS, I had classroom rules and general executions but CHAMPS has helped me to set specific expectations for each activity and for students to visualize and state the expectations before the activity. With CHAMPS I can give gentle reminders about off-task behavior by just pointing to the statement in CHAMPS. My whole class has responded well to having CHAMPS.

I plan to continue to use CHAMPS in my class because my data has taught me that it is working and my students need that direction that CHAMPS provides. I was warned about my group of students before going to the grade, their teacher last year cried almost every day. CHAMPS is a great way to keep their behavior in check. Now I can say, “Jane, what is the expected voice level during math?” and if I have to remind her again, then she would move her clip down and know exactly why she had to move her clip. With CHAMPS, my students know and understand what the classroom should look and sound like during each subject.

CHAMPS can be used in any classroom probably K-8. I know that many schools in our district are using CHAMPS statements because it was pushed by our counselors. You can find free posters to use for CHAMPS on Teachers pay Teachers that I use in my class. You can also search CHAMPS to find more information or I am happy to answer any questions I can.


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  1. I have not used CHAMPS myself but have heard great things from teacher who use it. Is the clip chart part of it? Or is more about the statements being used? It will be nice for you to have this research that you have done personally for when someone asks about your behavior plan and why you use it!

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