Week 10 Blog #seaccr


So far, my data is telling me that the disruptive behavior in my class has been greatly reduced since I have introduced CHAMPS in reading and writing. Math has been different because I have changed the structure of my math class so I have noticed that initially behavior was not reduced but now that they have been doing math this way for 2 weeks it has reduced the disruptive behavior.

I am still working on conducting my student interview and those will be completed this week. I am looking forward to talking to the students and aides in my class to hear their thoughts. My raw dat is telling me that the disruptive behaviors have been greatly reduced during reading and writing time.

In looking at my data, I have collected tally marks for each type of disruptive behavior both before and after the introduction of CHAMPS. When comparing that data, the disruptions have been cut in half. The students are responding well to having the behavior statements in front of them and reviewing them before the activities.


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  1. Happy to see that your research was successful for you! One of the benefits that I found of going through the research process is that it helped me to be more clear on what I was looking for and what my objectives were. It sounds like that may have been the same for you.

  2. I am happy to hear that CHAMPS is working so far for you! My team and I have been discussing using the program and I actually just made posters for it this weekend, hoping to begin implementing it sometime this week. This will be separate from my research, but I wish I would have also done something along this line for my research project, as the behavior is just as important right now to me as the engagement in writing!

    Have you found that using CHAMPS makes you more aware of the expectations in the classroom? And the fact that you know that the students know how they are supposed to be acting?

  3. Great news about the reduction in disruptions! Nothing better than putting time into a project only to have it benefit your classroom in the end. I feel my class will be improved from what I’ve learned through the research too. Good stuff.

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