Week 7 response #seaccr


This week I was able to spend some time reviewing other projects and ideas for data collection. It sounds like others have some great projects going on. I was was able to comment and offer a few suggestions on some of the projects. I have a project that is similar to another student in the class so I was able to exchange ideas. This week also gave me some time to reflect on my own data collection and what I might be missing or not thinking about.

I am looking forward to learning more about other projects and being able to contribute ideas. I am hoping others will look into CHAMP for setting expectations in their class. I am also hoping that I can share more about how CHAMP works in my class.


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  1. Meagan,

    CHAMPs is used school wide at the school I am teaching at. This is the first year at this school for me and I am teaching 5th grade. Since they have used CHAMPs for some time, my 5th graders know it very well. I believe if the teacher uses CHAMPs consistently it is successful. Have you had the opportunity to take the class? CHAMPs is just one piece of positive classroom management.

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