How am I preparing for data collection #seaccr


I have begun to take so pre-intervention data by just using tally marks and recording disruptions among the few students I will be observing. I am preparing to implement CHAMP by creating posters and getting my data sheets ready to begin collecting data. I have also put a lot of though into how this will work and what it will look like in my class.


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  1. I like the idea, if I am understanding you correctly, of picking a few students as your case studies that you will be collecting data on. This will allow you to make much more detailed observations on how the CHAMPS program works. Now I’m thinking that would be interesting to add as a component to my project, to pick one or two students as “case studies” that I pay special attention to in my data collection. Interested to see how CHAMPS works for you! Don’t know much about it myself but I know that lots of places use it.

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