Research Plan #seaccr


Research Design

I am currently teaching 2nd grade, this is my first year with such a large class of 24 students. I have been struggling with many behavior problems in the classroom. Much of my instruction time is being consumed by dealing with behavior problems. One of the most notable problems in the class is that I have several students who are constantly talking and I have not found anything that works to keep them quiet. The goal of this study to see if implementing CHAMP (conversation, help, activity, movement, and participation) statements before each major subject including: writing, math, and reading will reduce the amount of disruptions in my class.


The participants are my 24 2nd grade students. There are 14 boys and 10 girls in the class. The focus will be on 3 boys who have the most disruptive behavior in the class.


I will be using an observation sheet to record and just collecting data using tally marks. The data sheet will be on a clipboard and collected throughout the day. The interview sheet will also be used in collecting data.


In this study, I will be using CHAMP statements before math, reading, and writing each day to determine if the statements will reduce disruptive behavior in the classroom. Disruptive behavior in this study is defined as talking out of turn, getting up and moving around out of their seat, and talking to their neighbor. I will observe 3 of my most disruptive students during reading, writing, and math to collect tally marks on the occurrences of those behaviors.

Qualitative data for this study will be collected by interviewing those students to determine if they think that CHAMP is helping them regulate their disruptive behavior. I will also be interviewing aides in my classroom to determine whether they have noticed a difference in student behavior. These interviews will be conducted after a week of implementation of CHAMP.


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  1. So, I’ve been a bad colleague and am just catching up to the course. Sorry for the lateness of this comment. In reading your posts and seeing that you are trying to modify behavior in your classroom–how you thought about sharing the feedback with your students? I’ve read about using tally sheets elsewhere and can see the logic of the CHAMP method because it makes things explicit and predictable for the students. However, have you heard of Class Dojo? ( If you’ve got a smart phone + projector or at least one student-accessible classroom computer you can share your feedback with the students live. Class Dojo can be used for both positive and negative feedback, but you could use it only for one. In essence the information you put on Class Dojo could become your tally sheet and be shared with the students in an exciting way at the same time. It will add another layer of information to your interviews. Shoot, now that I’ve reread my comment, I see that it sounds like a commercial. It’s just that I’ve used it in the past and my kids (HS age) went crazy about the little avatars they got to design.

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