Week 5 Response #seaccr


This week I was able to review how others were planning to collect their data as well as share my methods. I was also able to use social media to help me generate my framework and research question. It was very helpful to look at other students’ work and interact with them to help my project.

Many students are focusing on some aspect of classroom management so I was able to find information as well as share information on that subject in my blog. I posted my ideas for collecting data and I hope it was helpful for others to read.

I used social media to help me modify my research question and framework. I was able to look at various examples and read other students’ blogs in order to help me with my project.


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  1. Sorry I never replied to your comment about Marzano. I got most of my research from his book, “Classroom Instruction that Works” (2001). It is a great guide that I refer to often.

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