Week 5 Blog #seaccr


There are many methods for collecting data in the classroom. Some of the methods that I have researched will work for my data collection; others may not work so well. As teachers, we are constantly collecting data about our individual students and about our classroom. There are many different ways to collect data in the classroom.

In some of the research I have read, various data collection methods are described. Observations and experiences could be one way to collect data. Collection of research to back your data is another method that I have come across. Other methods include documenting frequency of particular behaviors or activitiess, you could look at behaviors in a specific time frame, and recording duration. The data can be collected in scatter plots, tables, or with tally marks.

For my research, I will need to design a method for data collection. With the nature of my study, I will most likely be using tally marks to collect data because it will be during instruction throughout the day. I will create a table where I can collect tally marks throughout the day.


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