Week 4 Blog #seaccr


I have been reading research on classroom management and behavior plans. This idea has been on my mind since the beginning of the school year. I have a very difficult class this year and have been very interested in exploring new ideas for dealing with behaviors.

Several themes have become apparent in my research on classroom management. Some of the most prevalent and relevant themes I found were: establishing rules and routines at the beginning of the year, being consistent, monitoring and adjusting, and the creating a positive classroom environment. In the research that I did, most of these themes were touched on.

These themes are essential to my project because they can inform and guide my research and interventions. I think that the ideas could help others in the PLC to improve or build up their strategies. I found the themes to be very interesting and applicable throughout my research. I am interested to hear if there are others exploring this same idea and what research they have found.


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  1. We are both focusing on aspects of classroom management, so I am curious to see how you apply those themes to dealing with your difficult students. Do you have an idea about what your research question is going to be or what direction you are headed with your research?

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