Annotated Bibliography #seaccr


Annotated Bibliography

Bala, E. (n.d.). Improving Classroom Instructions: Through Effective Classroom
Management Approach in Nigeria Basic Education System. Department of
Educational Foundations and Management, Federal College of Education,
P.M.B 3473.

This was a study done in the Nigerian school system about learner centered classroom management. It explores the importance of having well managed classrooms in order for learning to take place. It does not go very in-depth with some of the ideas but explores organization, norms, accountability, planning, whole group, and monitoring behavior. The final section of the paper gives recommendations for teacher training programs to implement more classroom management and organization.

Marzano, R., & Marzano, J. (2003). Rules and Procedures. In Classroom management
that works research-based strategies for every teacher. Alexandria, Va:
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

This was a chapter taken from Robert Marzano’s book Rules and Procedures. The Chapter was about the importance of establishing rules and procedures in both elementary and secondary classes. Marzano explores the research that was done in various classroom, which could be a bit much if you have never taken a statistics class. The most significant section is the action steps and recommendations that Marzano gives. The action steps come from a program called Classroom Organization and Management Programs (COMP) and involve identifying rules and procedures and involving students in the rules and procedures at both the elementary and secondary levels.

Odom LaCaze, D., McCormick, C., & Meyer, L. (2012). Classroom Behavior and
Management for Teachers. National Forum of Teacher Education Journal, 22(3).

This article explores behavior management in elementary classrooms. One of the most important messages that I took away from the article is that good behavior management systems need clear and enforceable consequences. It explores the importance of how extensively we need to teach rules and procedures at the beginning of the year. The article then explores what effective teachers do including: being equitable, avoiding confrontations, having a sense of humor, holding high expectations, being prepared, and enforcing rules consistently. This was a short article but had a lot of valuable ideas in it.


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