Week 2 Response #seaccr


This week I have discovered that others have similar ideas for their areas to improve. Behavior management seems to be an area of interest for many of us. It is something that is central to our teaching and students’’ learning in our classrooms. I was able to have some interesting discussions with other students about it.

I have found that other students do a similar behavior management system. It was very informative to read about what others have in place and discuss what systems I have in place. We can all agree that behavior management is one of the most difficult things in teaching because the same system does not work for every class or every student.

It was reassuring to read and discuss the issues of behavior management with other students. I was also able to share some of the ideas for the reading that I did this week for my annotated bibliography. Blogging this week has helped me share my ideas and get ideas from other professionals.


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