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In my classroom, I would like to improve the behavior management. I have a difficult class this year and I would really like to work on finding things that work for them. At times, I feel like I am stopping instruction to deal with behavior every minute. It is very time-consuming and draining. I would like to collaborate and find strategies that work with this group of students.

Currently, I have whole class rewards, individual behavior charts, and table group rewards in place. Sometimes, they are not really responding to any of those. I would like to find something that works with this group of students. I have two on individual behavior plans. I have been trying to find different ways to deal with the behavior as a whole in my class.

I have been collaborating with colleagues and my administrator about my situation and have gotten suggestions but I would like more feedback on this. Collaboration could give me a fresh perspective on this and I am open to suggestions. Others may have experienced something similar or have talked to teachers in the situation so they may have ideas that could work. Collaboration has always been one of my first outlets when I find myself in a difficult situation. It is reassuring and very helpful.


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  1. This is the toughest part of teaching, in my opinion, as what works in one situation will not in another! In my classroom I have a behavior chart. It is a mountain with six levels, students begin every day on level 3, at the base of the mountain. There are three levels to the top of the mountain and two below them. I only lower their name if something heinous has occurred, but otherwise try and not lower anyone’s name on the chart. Their names climb the mountain as they are spotted doing something positive in the classroom. It is usually when someone is following my directions in an otherwise chaotic situation or does something kind for another student. At the end of the day, any student at the top of the mountain receives a ticket. Three tickets get them into the prize drawer. The prize drawer contains $1 toys, coloring books, and crafts from Wal Mart! As the year progresses so does the amount of tickets needed to get into the drawer. I’ve found making a big deal out of positive behavior creates a much more positive atmosphere in the classroom than pointing out the negative, although not always my first instinct. I look forward to seeing what you try, as we can all always use a new idea in this area!

    • Yes, classroom management is so tough and I have been trying new things with the group that I have but nothing has seemed to work yet. I like your mountain idea and it is very similar to my behavior chart but I have 3 levels up and 3 below. I am just trying to think of consequences for moving down on the chart. I also give out tickets to kids who stay on green or move up the behavior chart and then they put them in the end of the week prize drawing and I pull out names. I have begun to do group points and I have a class reward system in place. Another thing that I am going to try this week is the music box where every time it gets too loud and crazy in my class, I open the music box and then whatever time is left at the end of the day will be added to have an exrra recess/free time on Fridays.

  2. I’m also working on behavior management, though from the perspective of a sub. I think that I’ll be focusing on praising positive behaviors and looking at the effect that has when I don’t necessarily have a relationship with the students. I;m really interested in seeing how your research unfolds.

    • Being a sub is difficult for behavior management, I am interested to see what you come up with. i have been a sub before and you are trying to figure out different management systems while also trying to come up with your own.

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