Week 1 response #seaccr


This week, I interacted with students from our class as well as EDTE 636. They were also on the topic of classroom research but it was more technology based. I enjoyed reading both sets of blogs. The communication through social media is a quick and efficient way to communicate with each other on common topics.
On the blogs for our class, I responded to other students discussing motivation of our students and our own self-reflections. As teachers, we are always trying to find ways to motivate our students, and I was able to have a discussion about how that works and what that might look like in various classrooms. I also discussed the importance of self-reflection and gathering data from various sources to assist in those self-reflections.
I discussed how the use of technology might look like in a 2nd grade class. I talked about the difficulty of integrating technology with limited resources and student training. Before I can integrate technology in my class, I need to teach my students the proper ways to use the technology.
Communicating with other students on a common theme and a similar theme this week contributed to my learning and the learning of others. I was able to discuss some common points and learn from others’ thoughts and ideas.


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