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Classroom research is about finding out what works in your classroom and with your students to improve your teaching and student learning. Classroom research can be done in a variety of ways from informal observations to formal assessments and research. Classroom research informs teachers about ways to improve their practice.

Classroom research is essential to the teaching profession. Without research, it would be difficult to be informed about our students learning. As teachers, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and further our education.

In my classroom, research can enhance my students’ learning and behavior. I would like to do research in the areas of academics and behavior. This year, I have a very difficult class and if I could some research about behavior, I think I could find ways to enhance the behavior by chancing my practice. Research is also important in my classroom for the academic side of things. I have a class who is very low in both math and reading. I would like to find ways to change my practice to better meet the needs of those students.

Classroom research is so key to improving our practice. I am looking forward to the research project, because I do want to find ways to improve and help my students’ behavior and academic achievement.

This is an article that I found about research:



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  1. “Classroom research is so key to improving our practice.” So true. And in this technological age it is so easy to orchestrate. These days a PLN can consist of teachers around the globe, in the next town, or in the next classroom. Many times I have commented that I can’t imagine what it was like to be a teacher pre-internet. We are in a time where classroom research and its benefits are easily accessible. It is an exciting time to be an educator!

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