Monthly Archives: April 2014

#etlead Final Stages of Presentation


This week, we have a met a few times to finalize our presentation.  We have decided to do several voiceovers instead of writing on the prezi slides.  We have also been working to make it aesthetically pleasing.  It has definitely been a process to get the game organized and then get it all into the presentation.  We have had several meetings and our last one should have been our final but we will have to see if anything else has been done.  We may need to adjust a few more minor details in the presentation but I think we are pretty much finished.  Yay!


Our game moves along #etlead


This week our group has continued to work on our game.  We met twice and I think we have an outline for our game set up on our group page.  We are planning to do our presentation in Prezi and have our shell for the game.  We have all begun to add to the Prezi and continue to add detail to our group wiki page.  We are still brainstorming on a catchy title for our game.  The basic outline is that there are 3 levels in the game, students will be working in each level to do something to preserve an animal resource to avoid panem in Alaska.  We will be using edmodo for the game play.  This project has taken some time but I feel comfortable with where our group is at right now.  We will continue to work in our wiki page and post a final product on Sunday.