Week 10 Blog #etlead Group Planning Process for a Serious Game


This process/task was a little daunting at first; I was not sure what our group was going to do or exactly what the task was.  We chatted on our group page and set up a meeting time in Blackboard Collaborate. Many of us were unsure on what we were supposed to do.  This is a very big open project and I was and still am struggling with narrowing the focus and not having too much direction.  I work a lot better if I know exactly what is expected and can work from there. This is definitely a learning experience for me to have something so open-ended and to have to come up with a game all on our own.  I am trying to embrace the challenge and work through it.   

In our group’s meeting lot of discussion took place before we were able narrow the focus to Alaska and some wildlife issues.  This took a good hour and a half to narrow it down. Now I feel that we have some direction on the project and can continue to move forward.  In doing some research, I found this website that was helpful in thinking about various aspects of creating a game http://gel.msu.edu/winn/Serious%20Game%20Construction%20Worksheet.pdf. Also, a classmate shared this site with me http://www.gameonlab.com/canvas/. Perhaps either of these could be helpful to others.  I also created a table on our group page to start putting ideas down.  I am not sure if this will work for everyone in my group but I needed a canvas to start organizing parts of the game.  I would love to hear how other groups are doing and how everyone is feeling about this process. 


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