Week 8 Blog Reflection #etlead


This week, I contributed to others learning in a few different ways.  It was a learning experience for me because before this week, I did not know what learning in a collective was so I was able to read and research then share that knowledge with others in my blog which is a collective environment.  I also shared a website that I found very interesting called “Kid Blog” and I hope that others will use it.  I was able to share and discuss common ideas with classmates to build on all of our learning

In my blog I shared a few resources and ideas and also shared those on others’ blogs.  I shared my knowledge and understanding of a collective and how I think it is a great way to create learning experiences for our students.  I was able to discuss some of the negatives and positives of collectives with other classmates and in that I shared that it may take time for students to learn how to communicate in a collective and that we need to explicitly teach some of those skills to our students. 

One resource that was common with another students’ blog that we were able to discuss was a Khan Academy video.  This video compares the communication of chimps to humans and how much we have evolved compared to chimps.  Humans have so many modes of communication verbal, written, body, etc. and chimps only have body language to communicate.  When we compare people to chimps we see that because of our various modes of communication, we can pass and expand our knowledge more easily.  It was an interesting video and having the chance to share and discuss this video with another student who also shared the video added to both of our learning. 

I shared the website called Kid Blog with others because I found it to be an effective site for creating a collective in a classroom.  It is one resources that I learned about and really felt the need to share with others.  I hope that others will check it out and be able to use it in their classrooms because I plan to do so when I am back in the classroom.

I continue to learn new concepts and ideas through readings, research, and in collectives.  Using collectives in this class has been a great way to share ideas and expand my knowledge.


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