Week 7 Reflection #etlead


           This week, I really thought about me as a professional and how that relates to my gaming profile.  I shared some of my ideas about change in my initial blog.  I commented on classmates’ blogs and shared and asked them questions of them. 

            In my blog post encouraged discussion between classmates and with me.  Other students were starting discussions on my blog that stemmed from my blog post.  My blog also got classmates thinking about playing games as families.  Many commented and thought back on the importance of gaming especially as a family.     

            Other classmates had some very interesting things to say and I liked seeing everyone’s gamer profiles.  I asked classmates to think further about technology in their class and share ideas for what they use.  This allowed them to think deeper about their classroom technology.  I also shared the technology that I have used in my classroom.  Asking about games and play in the classroom allowed classmates to think on a deeper level.

            I contributed to others learning by sharing my blog and commenting on their blogs.  I encouraged them to think more about technology in their classrooms and how they are using it.  I also shared some resources in my blog for classmates to look at.


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