Week 6 Reflection #etlead


This week really allowed me time to think about my education and how education has changed so much over the years.  Learning is an exchange between teachers and students it is not just a teacher filling students with knowledge.  I commented and had a lot in common with classmates’ blogs.  I shared the article quoted below with classmates.  

I contributed to others learning this week in several ways.  I shared the following article when a classmate was talking about allowing our students to explore their interests http://www.aypf.org/documents/092409CareerAcademiesPolicyPaper.pdf.  The article talks about career academy high schools where students choose their career and academic pathways.  This applies to this weeks reading because it is a new way of teaching and learning in school.  One classmate was not able to get her book this week so I shared some essential ideas that were in those first chapters.

This week gave me some reflection and rethinking time.  I got to share my feeling about how school works and read and share on other students blogs.  I also questioned other classmates to get them to think more in their blogs.   



Pearlman, Bob. Designing New Learning Environments to Support 21st Century Skills

Tech. N.p., n.d. Web.



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