Week 5 Reflection #etlead


This week I discussed being innovative and how difficult it can be at times.  There are so many resources out there that help teachers when they want to be more creative in their classrooms.  One resource I shared on my blog was a book called “Teaching Number Knowledge”, which has some great supplemental math activities.  Teachers could use this book to expand on their mathematical toolboxes.  I also asked teachers to think about their time and how we can be innovative when we have so many other mandated things we are required to do.    

I commented on other students’’ blogs and shared resources and provided confirmation for their feelings.  I found a website about teachers being like actors in their training and shared that on a blog.   http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2013/07/teaching-as-acting-a-performance-profession/.  The questions that Dave Burgess asks in section 2 of his book really resonated with me so I have made sure to bring those questions up to others and I also shared them on my initial blog post.  The questions are simple and can really give teachers a chance to be innovative in their planning and in their teaching on the spot.  I found these questions to be so important and I made sure others have really thought about Burgess’ questions.  I gave this idea of having those questions typed out and posted near your desk so that you can refer to them often. 

 I answered questions that were posed in other students’ blogs in order to create and maintain rich conversation.  It is all about having conversations back and forth with each other, that is a great learning experience.  I learned from the questions that were posed and the questions that I posed back made others think therefore it was a learning experience for everyone.  I also contributed to other students’ learning by sharing resources and highlighting how important Burgess’ questions were in making simple creative changes in your classroom.      



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