Week 4 Reflection #etlead


In my blog, I discussed a few different methods that I used in my class to keep students engaged.  Other students were interested in hearing more about the ideas that I posted about.  Many students in the class teach secondary students so I have contributed elementary ideas to their learning.  Dave Burgess also comes at the ideas from his experience teaching secondary.  Many of his ideas can also apply to elementary. 

In my blog I talked about Daily 5 and teaching with the book Polar Express that caught the attention of a couple classmates.  I elaborated on those ideas so that these students could learn more and possibly apply these ideas in their own classrooms.  I explained the Daily 5 and gave the website out so that this literacy structure could be used in other peoples classrooms.  I also contributed the elementary perspective on collecting feedback. 

I commented on other students’ blog and contributed to their learning by sharing my ideas of keeping students engaged.  One classmate talked about building community in your classroom to help with engagement.  I shared some ideas for creating community in your class by having students share things about themselves in various ways.  I shared the idea of doing an all about me board and also and all about me worksheet at the beginning of the year.  Getting to know classmates is a huge step in keeping students engaged.          

I shared an elementary perspective with classmates by giving some ideas that work in the elementary grades.  I commented on a blog that talked about posting an essential question at the beginning of the lesson and finding different ways for students to summarize the lesson at the end.  I shared some ideas for what I do in the elementary grades such as think-pair-share, graphic organizers, and verbal sharing.  I also shared some attention getters and differences in students’ attention span. 

Overall, I contributed to others learning by sharing elementary ideas and strategies that have worked for me in those grades.  I also shared some resources and classroom structures that could work in elementary and could also be applied in secondary. 


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