#etlead Week 3 Response


Our group collaborated this week to make a serious game evaluation tool.  We began our discussion by all deciding at least 1 component that we felt was important to have in a serious game.  From that list we came up with 7 rubric items.  Team members added evaluation criteria under each rubric item based on a 3-point scale.  The evaluation items include: clear purpose that relates to the learning objectives/standards, transference of new skills to real world by promoting positive and responsible choices, interactivity by creating an authentic environment, and the students are able to interact with others in the game, well-organized, risk oriented problem solving (hierarchical levels of difficulty as students progress through the game), Entertainment Factor (motivating and engaging), game provides feedback as the player takes risks and learns from his/her mistakes, and identity: students take on a new identity by helping create the world they work in such as designing an avatar.  We used the 3-point scale because a lot of districts use the Marzano scale so most were familiar with that.  Our team worked well together and everyone contributed to creating our rubric.  It took some time and tweaking and still could use some work but we are happy with it for the moment.       


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