#etlead Week 1 Reflection


I commented on a few classmates’ blogs, I shared a few games and apps with that that I found related to their postings.  I learned from them by reading about and researching the games and apps that they posted.  It continues to amaze me that there are so many serious games and apps out there.  This is my first experience with communicating with blogs.  It has been an interesting experience and a learning curve for me.  In my post, I have asked people to think about healthy gaming and how much time we spend gaming and I got some good responses from people.  I learned that WOW actually has cautions built into it so people don’t dedicate too much time to playing it.  That was news to me, thank you Leslie.  I shared games for change with a few classmates and they were interested in that for using in the classroom setting.  It has various games that kids can play to learn about the world and actions they might take to change things while learning about important real problems and issues.  I learned from others and shared some games and apps that promote healthy living.  I started playing the game called Lumosity, which promotes brain growth, and I shared that game with others, it is a game that is personalized to your own brain growth.  It has games built in that trigger different parts of the brain.  It is interesting game to play, one that really makes you have to think and remember patterns and puzzles.  Overall, this week I learned a lot from some very knowledgeable classmates and was forced to go out of my element to play games, research games, communicate on blogs, and be able to share and teach others about serious games.  I look forward to continuing to blog, learn, and teach with my classmates throughout this course.        


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